How to Change Your Life in 30 Seconds or Less

January 2016, By Nicole Langelier

Fancy a new look but don’t have the dough to buy all new furniture? Don’t worry you are not alone – and you are not stuck either!

Moving, as I did last week, can really give you a new perspective on your furniture, art and objects as you will find yourself in new space with a completely different layout, forcing you to look at your things in a new light. However, you don’t have to move to see your home and possessions in a new light – and sometimes looking at your things and your environment differently is all the inspiration you need to get your creative juices flowing towards a newly inspired home.  

We all do it – we live with things the way they are for so long that we get stuck seeing them one way and one way only. As I am really hand’s on, I will often move a client’s furniture around when meeting them for the first time. Their eyes light up and they are amazed at how a simple shift – sometimes it’s simply the placement in the room or just the angle of a piece of furniture, that can really transform a space – often in 30 seconds or less  – and a world of possibilities present themselves.

It’s all about looking at things with fresh eyes combined with a little trial and error. You may find it difficult to suddenly walk into your living room after living with the furniture layout for so long and to suddenly see ‘the light’ and have a creative epiphany. If you are having difficulty seeing the possibilities then just start shifting things around. Take down all your art and strip the beds and sofas of scatter cushions and throws and have a play. This is a NO cost makeover with zero risk – what could be better? If it’s a total dud you can put it all back the way you had it, but I can promise you that even if you do put it back where it was it will not feel the same. A simple shift can free up old blockages and get the energy flowing again.

So, if you’re feeling like its time for a change here are a few design tips to make sure your revised interior is better than the original:

  1. Don’t hang your art too high! It’s a rookie mistake that a lot of people make. I can’t tell you how often I walk into a client’s place and have to crook my neck to see their art – and I’m tall! Keep it at eye height so your eye falls in the middle of the image. Yes, I know, everyone is a different heights but the average human eye level is 57” (about 145cm), which is kind of a gallery standard. For more on this check out one of my favourite design sites Apartment Therapy.
  2. Don’t block doors, walkways or windows. Sound obvious? Well you would think so, but for many people it’s not. Make sure the room flows – and this means being able to walk in and out of every door, around all furniture (without sucking in) and being able to see out the windows. Easy.
  3. Tidy up. The biggest reason I find people are unhappy with their spaces is because they are messy. Clean up, organise your things, respect your space and yourself!
  4. Have fun. Design is supposed to give you pleasure, not stress you out. You need to love where you live, so if you stand back from your new creation and if it gives you pleasure then you have done well. Not everyone has to like it, but not everyone has to live there either.
  5. Get inspired. If you need a little help, flick through some great design sites to get your juices flowing – this one of course, but Pinterest is always great for anything you can imagine, and Apartment Therapy too.

I would love to see your before and after’s! If you are in the sharing mood then flick them my way. I will be sure to respond with my 2 cents. Now go forth and get styling people – and don’t forget to have fun! xx