5 Minutes with D+D’s Director | Tim Gauci

April 2016, ‘It’s Your Thing’ By Tim Gauci.
Photography by Dylan Lark of Aspect11.

In the world of art, design, architecture and visual merchandising everyone seems to have an opinion. Some have the luxury of being published or writing under contract for relevant magazines, blogs, newspaper and other forms of mass media. Unfortunately for most of us we have only our friends, associates and colleagues to bend the ear of when we ‘may’ have an opinion. This is most evident when we take a position on something topical such as daily news stories, political issues, social issues, etc. etc. But… When we have an opinion on ‘Design’, art or something else totally subjective we often try to go with the popular opinion (if you are of the herd mentality as most people are) or the easier path that provides practical support for an argument based usually on the common position or the general view of the masses or ‘it’s easier etc. etc. Well, let me give you the mail – IT’S SUBJECTIVE! Do you like it? Do you want it in your life? If the answer is yes, then it is COOL! For You.

Here’s my 10c worth. If you have an opinion on a piece of design whether it be art, music, architecture or even the interior style of your own home then you have an equal right to say why you like it or hate it, why it makes you feel good or bad and for that matter why it does or does not make you sick! (as many people with a loud voice and great commend of the English language will revert to…)

My only caveat on the advice above is – If you have a feeling about something then take a few minutes to consider why you like or dislike it, how it makes you feel and why you want to have it in your life and then… collect your thoughts, no logic required, consider how you will explain it and then… HAVE YOUR SAY! It’s not only liberating but also totally valid and what underpins most design trends – like that or not. Yes, you CAN change popular option if you can explain why you like or dislike it and then hunt down the trend setters to deliver your message. Take the Eighties… Taken enough…? most people I know can only pick slivers of eighties design out of the book and say they don’t hate it. Then again I know some people that can take truckloads of eighties design and tell you they love it and then shove it down your throat knowing full well that their well-read opinions will make the majority of the eighties Cool in their opinion… 

Here is the bottom line – good design IS subjective. It has been proven to be case time, time and time again. Do you want a new contemporary interior? Do you like white laminate with timber and leather – that’s cool! For you.  You like colonial style timber and turned wood finishes? That’s cool! For you. You like eighties style? That’s cool. For you. 

Get it? IF YOU LOVE IT AND YOU CAN EXPLAIN WHY THEN… It is good design For You.  

It’s all about how you feel in an interior, a gallery, a car, a room. You just need to remember – how can I explain how it makes me feel – if you’re asked of course. And, if you can communicate why it makes you feel that way and be confident in your explanation then, I think, you rock!

For the record, I love Fed Square because it rocked the foundations and divided Melbourne in opinion, I love shabby Chic because you have to step back and consider whether it is shabby or chic. I also love modernism because it communicates to you in a way that may suit only you. Modernism – I hate it because it is too try hard OR Modernism I love it because no one else gets it!

Ha! It’s my opinion! And to me it is the right one!