Interior Trend | Metallics

March 2016, By Nicole Langelier.

Trends, as you know, come and go (otherwise they wouldn’t be trends but timeless classics). The copper trend, for example, was over almost before it even started if you ask me. When trends come at you that hard and fast I say trust your instinct to duck and dodge and seek shelter from the storm. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that copper products are/were completely uncool – it’s just that there was such an aggressive onslaught of copper everything that worked its way from the most exclusive shops to the most mass produced virtually overnight. All the allure of something cool and new was lost faster then you could Pay Pass your copper toilet brush holder at Kmart’s self check out.

All that being said however, some metallic items will never really go out of style (as most people can’t resist shiny things). To avoid being caught in the trend tornado I say stick to the classics – and what could be more classic than gold?

When you think of gold or brass furniture and homewares it is likely that you’re mind immediately conjures up visions of the Palace of Versailles’s or that of some Russian oligarch – these days however, the majestic metal is much more than the likes of a frilly wedding cake (or more accurately in this case – less than the likes of a frilly wedding cake) and has learned that less is often more. When you match what could be perceived as a flashy material with restraint in design, something magical is born.

There are definitely some design throw-backs happening and you will still find gold baroque furniture reproductions – for which I DO (believe it or not) believe there is a time and a place in moderation. You will find plenty of ‘Hollywood glam’ and mid century inspired gold pieces – often by my old friend and design world rock star Jonathan Adler, but what I am really most excited by are the original contemporary designs that exercise both restraint and originality (dipped in gold of course).

Recently at Click On Furniture ( I discovered the Coaralie coffee table (also available in copper!) for the bargain price of $395! This puppy ticks all the boxes. It is streamline, minimal and modest in design, but offers massive bang for your buck with it’s lux shiny gold finish. (

Plenty of my favourite shops like Weylandts ( and West Elm ( – even Freedom Furniture ( carry some super stylish affordable and understated gold products.

Don’t be afraid the embrace the classics. Classics never go out of style, even when they are given a fresh new look.