Design & Diplomacy… Connecting the dots…

There is beauty all around you – sometimes it just needs to be recognised – encouraged – and set free. Sometimes it needs to be nudged – sometimes it’s clear as day. Diplomatic design is young and old, it’s rich and poor, it’s black and it’s white, it’s Jewish and it’s Muslim. It spans all things – it connects dots. Design need not be for some and not for others – for me but not you – beauty is universal – beauty is everywhere and belongs to everyone. Beauty is diplomatic.

Beauty, like everything however, sometimes needs to be encouraged out – it needs to be revealed and released, it needs to be recognised to be seen – it needs to be supported and nurtured and seen in a new light.

This is Design & Diplomacy – this is where we come in. We are here to help. We are here to shine that light – to peel back layers and look around corners. We are here to help find beauty where you least expect it and to honour it in all its forms.